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2xPack CV (CadeaVera) CV BEAUTY SKIN SHOT Pore Minimizer - 30 ml

Regular price $15.50

2xPack CV (CadeaVera) CV BEAUTY SKIN SHOT Pore Minimizer

15 ml each (30 ml supply)

The CV BEAUTY SKIN SHOTS are the perfect addition to daily facial care. This is a light, quickly absorbed active ingredient concentrate, which ensures a pleasant and long-lasting moisture.

Pore ​​minimizer: with zinc and panthenol for a refined complexion - for large-pored combination skin.


target group Women
Application note Apply to healthy skin and avoid contact with eyes.
ingredients Please refer to the packaging of the delivered product for the mandatory information on the ingredients.
Skin type all skin types |
Product property pore-refining
content 15 ml
style Care brands
effect moisturizing