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2xPack BIOTHERM Eau Pure Shower Gel - 300 ml

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2xPack BIOTHERM L'Eau Shower Gels 

150 ml each (300 ml supply)

150 ml each (300 ml supply)

Biotherm L'Eau shower gel invigorates the senses, removes all impurities and leaves your skin perfectly moisturised and velvety soft. It contains, of course, stimulating essences of orange, tangerine, bergamot, freesia and cedar wood, which envelop your skin with scent all day long.


  • thoroughly removes dirt from the skin
  • provides the skin with nutrients and suppleness
  • hydrates and provides velvety skin
  • scented the skin with fresh citrus fragrance
  • produces a rich foam


  • naturally aromatic essences - have a refreshing and stimulating effect