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2xPack AVEO Hot Wax Fleece Strips - 40 Pcs

Regular price $8.50

2xPack AVEO Hot Wax Fleece Strips

20 Pcs per pack (40 Pcs per order)

Replacement fleece strips for warm waxes

Suitable for the use of all commercially available warm waxes


target group Women | unisex | men

Application note

Replacement strips for using all commercially available hot waxes for depilation of legs and arms.

Please be sure to follow the instructions for use and important information from the wax manufacturer

Keep out of the reach of children.

The product should be used in a well-tempered environment.

The skin to be depilated must be absolutely free of grease, dry, clean and healthy.

Do not depilate immediately after showering / bathing, on injured, inflamed, irritated or allergic skin or on varicose veins, moles, pimples or sunburn.

After depilation, no perfume-based cosmetics or deodorants should be used or sunbathing for 24 hours.

Wax depilation is unsuitable for people with circulatory problems, the elderly, diabetics or people who use drugs / products that change the skin.

Use only for the specified purpose.

Dispose of the used strips only in the rubbish, do not throw them in the toilet.

Skin type all skin types

Product property smoothing | supple

effect smoothing | long-lasting



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