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2x Packs ABTEI Silica Biotin Plus Depot Tablets,with Silica Minerals+

Sale price $19.50 Regular price $23.50

2x Packs Abtei Silica Biotin Plus Depot Tablets  

Food supplements with silica, minerals and vitamins

78 g per pack 56 tablets 

(112 Tablets Supply)

For healthy skin beautiful hair & firm nails, with highly dosed biotin & zinc, with copper for a normal solid connective tissue, depot technology with long-term effect food supplements.

What is special about Abtei Kieselerde Biotin Plus is the depot effect, which releases the nutrients to the body over several hours, ensuring a continuous supply of the important micronutrients.

Abbey Kieselerde Biotin Plus - For healthy skin, beautiful hair & firm nails 

  • Biotin supports the maintenance of healthy hair and beautiful skin
  • Zinc helps maintain healthy skin, hair and nails
  • Copper contributes to the maintenance of normal connective tissue
  • Vitamin C supports normal collagen formation for healthy skin
  • gluten, lactose and gelatine free, suitable for vegetarians