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2x NIVEA Nursing Shower Winterwonne (Winter Bliss) 250ml each

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NIVEA Nursing Shower Winterwonne (Winter Bliss)

2x 250 ml Jars

with cocoa butter & pampering fragrance, for a supple skin feel, pH-neutral, dermatologically confirmed skin compatibility

Pampering nourishing shower for a supple skin feeling.

Feel how the pampering cream shower with cocoa butter and milk proteins nourishes your skin gently. Enjoy the velvety foam and the seductive scent of cocoa. Turn any showering experience into a pampering nivea maintenance - for a supple skin feel.

  • with cocoa butter and milk proteins
  • pampering scent
  • pH skin neutral
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically approved

For a neat skin feeling - even after drying.