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2x Packs Diadermine LIFT+ H2O Hydrating Anti-Age Day Cream

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2x Packs Diadermine LIFT+ H2O Hydrating Anti-Age Day Cream

50 ml (100 ml supply)

Your Skin: 

A dense network of collagen and a balanced moisture balance are essential for toned and younger-looking skin. With increasing age, the collagen production of the skin slows down, the collagen network is weakened and the skin can store less moisture. Wrinkles develop and the skin loses its firmness. Diadermine mode of action: 
Lift + H²O hydrating anti-aging day cream combines 2 powerful anti-aging effects: The advanced formula with collagen activator works on 5 types of collagen to compress the collagen network, improve skin firmness and create a long-lasting tightening effect. Aqua-filler and Hyaluron support the replenishment of the skin's own moisture reserves. For a regenerated, smoothed and hydrated skin for up to 48 hours! Over time, the skin looks fresher, pleasantly soft and supple. Visible results:

  • The skin is hydrated and feels smoother and firmer

  • The skin elasticity and its elasticity is improved