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Diadermine Lift+ Super Filler Highly concentrated Hyaluron Super Serum

Regular price $21.50

Diadermine Lift + Super Filler Highly concentrated Hyaluron Super Serum

30 ml

For normal, dry & sensitive skin, refills wrinkles, smoothes & tones the contours, with Micro-Injected HA + 5% Hyaluronic Acid Active


    As we age, the natural deposits of hyaluronic acid in the skin are reduced, which relaxes the skin tissue and creates micro-gaps in the skin structure that cause wrinkling.

    DIADERMINE LIFT + SUPER FILLER  Super Serum combines 2 types of hyaluronic acid:

    • The micro-injected hyaluronic acid (HA) consists of microcapsules that penetrate the skin like an injection to replenish wrinkles from the inside.
    • 5% hyaluronic acid provides skin surface with hyaluronic acid for up to 24 hours to visibly smooth the skin - all day long.


    • The skin is padded from the inside, appears smooth, youthful and radiant-fresh.

    The LIFT + SUPER FILLER  Super Serum Anti-Age Innovation offers a highly effective tube alternative for professional hyaluronic injection.

    PROHIBITION: Fills wrinkles, smoothes and tightens the contours. 
    SKIN TYPE: Normal to dry, even sensitive skin. 
    TEXTURE: Lightweight, fast absorbing.

    Age recommendation: 30 - 55 years.