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2x Packs ABTEI Hair Vital Beauty Cure Depot Tablets with Zinc Biotin

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2x Packs Abtei Hair Vital Beauty Cure Depot with Zinc Biotin

Food supplement with zinc, biotin, pantothenic acid and other vitamins of the B-complex

24g 30 Tablets (60 Tablets)

For healthy & strong hair, intensive treatment with high-dose biotin, with B-vitamins, including folic acid & niacin, depot technology with long-term effect dietary supplement.

Abtei Hair Vital Beauty Treatment Depot Tablets: What is special about Abbey Hair Vital is the depot effect, which releases the nutrients to the body over several hours. This ensures a continuous supply of the nutrients it contains. Abbey Hair Vital - For healthy & strong hair:
  1. Biotin and zinc help maintain healthy hair
  2. Niacin supports the health of the skin and thus the scalp
  3. Pantothenic acid, vitamins B1 and B2 support the energy metabolism