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Das Gesunde PLUS Fennel Honey S, Syrup, 350 g

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Das Gesunde PLUS Fennel Honey S, Syrup

350 g each 

The Das Gesunde PLUS fennel honey S contains the expectorant fennel oil from the fruits of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare). Fennel honey is a well-tried natural remedy for coughing and hoarseness. Fennel honey S is used to improve the symptoms of colds of the respiratory tract with viscous mucus in children. It can preferably be administered in water or pure. Even with warm tea or milk, the honey can be well taken.

lactose free


This product is vegetarian and contains only herbal ingredients or those derived from the live animal.

Gluten free

product features

Product features:
Gluten free, lactose-free, vegetarian