2x Packs Mivolis or Altapharma Herbal (Spitzwegerich) Cough Syrup - 400 ml

  • $12.50

2xPacks Das Gesunde PLUS Herbal (Spitzwegerich) Cough Syrup

200 ml each (400 ml supply)


The Herbal Ribwort Cough Syrup is a herbal medicine. It is used to relieve irritation in colds of the upper respiratory tract (catarrh) and in inflammatory changes of the oral and pharyngeal mucosa. The cough syrup has a pleasant taste and is therefore often taken by children. It is suitable for adults and children from 1 year of age.



This product is vegetarian and contains only herbal ingredients or those derived from the live animal.

Gluten free

product features

Product features:
Gluten free, lactose free, vegan, vegetarian


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