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2xPacks Altapharma Heartburn Blocker Chewable Tablets 40 pieces

Regular price $14.99

2x Packs Altapharma Heartburn Blocker Chewable Tablets

40 Tablets - With peppermint flavor, with heartburn & acid regurgitation, works already from 2 minutes, long-lasting 

medical device

Heartburn, acid regurgitation or indigestion are often triggered by certain eating habits such as too fatty or too spicy food, alcohol consumption, nicotine and overweight or stress and hectic in everyday life. Gastric acid enters the esophagus and irritates it. This creates the burning sensation - heartburn. altapharma Heartburn blocker with peppermint flavor is particularly well tolerated because it acts purely physically and is not absorbed by the body or metabolized. Thus, the stomach acid balance required for digestion is not changed and remains in equilibrium. By chewing altapharma Heartburn Blocker Chewable Tablets, the natural ingredients are released from a seaweed extract. These quickly form a protective layer on the stomach acid in the stomach and prevent it from escalating into the esophagus. Thus, the sensitive mucous membrane can not be attacked and the symptoms are relieved quickly and for a long time.

  • with peppermint flavor
  • in heartburn and acid regurgitation
  • works already from 2 minutes
  • long-lasting
  • even during pregnancy *

* For pregnant and breastfeeding women, the use of the ingestion according to the instructions for use is considered safe, but before taking a drug or medical device, advice from a doctor or pharmacist is recommended.