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2x Packs ABTEI Calcium 1000+ D3 Osteo Vital 113g (60 Chewable Tablets)

Regular price $22.50

2x Packs Abtei Calcium 1000 + D3 Osteo Vital Chewable Tablets

Dietary supplement with Calcium & Vitamin D3

113g - 30 chewable tablets (60 Tablets Supply)

Preserves strong & solid bones & teeth, with Calcium & Vitamin D3, high-dose, helps maintain healthy bones, lemon-flavored nutritional supplements

Abtei Calcium 1000 + D3 Osteo Vital Chewable Tablets: combines high-dose calcium with the calcium supplement Vitamin D3, which supports the storage of calcium in the bones and teeth and thus a normal bone density into old age. Abbey Calcium 1000 + Vitamin D3 Osteo Vital - Preservation of strong and firm bones and teeth:
  • supports the muscle function
  • only once a day
  • with a refreshing citrus taste