2x Packs Abtei Zinc + Histidine Tablets for Metabolism + Immune System

  • $26.50

2x Packs Abtei Zinc + Histidine Tablets

Dietary supplement with zinc and histidine

11 g 30 tablets (60 Tablets Supply)

For metabolism & immune system, high-dose zinc, zinc supports the normal acid-base metabolism, zinc helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress in dietary supplements

Abtei Zinc + Histidine combines high-dose zinc, which the body can not produce itself, with histidine. Zinc helps protect cells from oxidative stress. Abbey Zinc + Histidine - For Metabolism and Immune System:
  • Zinc supports the immune system
  • Zinc plays a role in maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails
  • Zinc supports the preservation of eyesight
  • only once a day
  • gluten-, gelatin- and lactose-free
  • suitable for vegetarians

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