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2x Packs ABTEI Gastrointestinal Relaxation Chewable Tablet

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2x Packs Abtei Gastrointestinal Relaxation Chewable Tablets

20 piece (40 Tablets Supply)

in bloating, feeling of fullness & regurgitation, releases the pressure - relaxes the stomach, with the proven active ingredient Simeticon, acts quickly and reliably medical device
  • Abdominal Gastrointestinal Relaxation Chewable Tablets : - Medical Device -Abtei Gastrointestinal Relaxation dissolves the increased gas accumulation with the well-tolerated active ingredient Simeticon. By chewing the chewable tablet, the active ingredient is already released in the mouth and can unfold its effect in the stomachimmediately. Gastrointestinal relaxation - For flatulence, bloating and belching:

  • releases the pressure - relaxes the stomach
  • with the proven active ingredient Simeticon
  • acts fast and reliable
  • Active ingredient clinically tested
  • fresh peppermint flavor
  • easy to take chewable tablets