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2xPacks Diadermine Lift+ Deep Cushions Deep Firming Anti-Age Day Cream

Regular price $28.50

2xPacks Diadermine Lift+ Deep Cushions Firming Anti-Age Day Cream 

50 ml (100 ml Supply)

Long-lasting lifting & upholstery effect, collagen activator & dermo filler

Your skin:
From the age of about 30, the natural firmness of the skin subsides and skin aging begins in each of the 8 skin levels. The skin is less taut and wrinkles develop.

Diadermine Mode of action:
Lift + Deep Cushions Day Cream combines 2 powerful anti-aging effects:

The advanced formula with collagen activator works on 5 types of collagen to compress the collagen network, improve skin firmness and produce a long-lasting tightening effect. Dermo-Filler: Strengthens the skin structure in all 8 skin levels and reactivates its most important components: collagen, elastin and filaggrin.

Visible results:

  • The skin looks firmer and fuller
  • Wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed