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NIVEA Q10 Power ANTI-WRINKLE DAY + NIGHT Care Cream Set 50ml each

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NIVEA Q10 Power Anti-wrinkle Protective Day (LSF 15) + Night Care Cream Set

50 ml per Jar

Soothes wrinkles visibly, prevents light-induced skin aging, with Q10 & Creatine, also suitable for sensitive skin

Do you want smoother, younger looking skin and extra protection from light-induced skin aging? 
The NIVEA Q10 Power ANTI-WRINKLE protective day care LSF 15 with Q10 and creatine:

  • provides increased protection from light-induced skin aging
  • prevents the formation of pigment spots
  • softens wrinkles visibly

For smoother and younger looking skin - with extra light protection.  The day care with SPF 30 smells pleasant and leaves a soft skin feeling.

  • the tolerability is dermatologically confirmed
  • also suitable for sensitive skin

Care in harmony with your skin

Q10 and creatine are highly active ingredients whose natural concentration in the skin decreases with age. The skin has less energy to regenerate itself. Over time, wrinkles and other signs of aging are visible.

The NIVEA® Q10 Power ANTI-FALTEN face lotion combines Q10 and creatine in a highly effective formula. It increases the level of high Q10 and creatine with regular use and combats wrinkles from within - in harmony with your skin.