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2x Packs Penaten Little Helpers SOS Sun Protection Cream 75 ml with Dex-panthenol

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2x Packs Penaten Little Helpers SOS cream 75 ml with Dex-panthenol

75 ml

with Dex-panthenol, the decaying promotes mild irritation & redness
Penaten Little Helpers SOS cream: Dex-panthenol is often used for irritated skin due to its calming effect. It is converted in the human body into vitamin B5, a vitamin that is important for the body, which supports the regeneration of the skin cells and thus contributes to the regeneration of the skin. 
  • PENATEN ® uses in the PENATEN® SOS CREME a high proportion of 4.3% Dex-Panthenol.P
    • provides the skin with active moisture and forms a soothing protective film
    • Also ideal for the face and baby's skin folds
    • Skin compatibility dermatologically approved
    • without perfume