Well & Slim Fat Burner - 40 Capsules

Well & Slim Fat Burner - 40 Capsules

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Well & Slim Fat Burner Dietary Supplement 

40 Capsules

Decreases body weight, promotes fat burning, reduces waist and waist circumference, 100% natural fruit extract, works with Lipoburn

Dietary food for special medical purposes (Balanced diet). Supplemented diet for the dietary treatment of prediabetes and obesity with increased body fat.

WELL & SLIM Grease Burner contains the natural active ingredient Lipoburn. Lipoburn combines extracts of the fruits blood orange, grapefruit and orange with guarana. It contains highly concentrated polyphenols, which are secondary phytochemicals and, together with caffeine from guarana, are responsible for the fat-burning effect.

Lipoburn has the properties and features to support fat loss by dietally reducing abdominal and hip circumference and body weight as demonstrated in a clinical trial.

In conjunction with a balanced and calorie-conscious diet as well as an active physical activity program, WELL & SLIM Fett Burner effectively supports weight loss.


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