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2xPack L'Oréal Paris Anti-wrinkle Expert 45+Moisturizer Smooth Skin

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2x Pack L'Oréal Paris Anti-wrinkle Expert 45+ Moisturizer Skin Care Cream

50 ml (100 ml supply)

softens wrinkles, more firmness, silky smooth skin, retino peptides
  • softens wrinkles
  • more tightness
  • velvety-soft skin
  • Retino peptides
  • Provides more firmness and velvety skin: L'ORÉAL PARIS Dermo Anti-Wrinkle Expert 45+ was developed especially for the needs of the skin over 45 years. Retino peptides are an effective complex with pro-retinol A and peptides, which helps to stimulate the process of cell regeneration in the epidermis.