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2x Pack Altapharma Magnesium 400 High Doses for the Night - 60 Tablets

Regular price $14.50

2x Pack Altapharma Magnesium 400 High Doses for the Night - 60 Tablets

Dietary supplement with minerals, vitamin D and lavender extract

64 g

30 tablets per pack (60 Tablet Supply)

Magnesium for relaxed muscles at night, with calcium, potassium + Vit. D, with lavender extract
Deep and continuous sleep forms the basis for a restful night and an active day. In addition to a quiet environment, inner balance, good nerves and a relaxed musculature are important factors for undisturbed sleep. Altapharma Magnesium 400 Night Supports the function of muscles and nerves at night with high-dose magnesium as well as calcium and potassium. A controlled interaction of muscles and nerves forms the basis for the normal course of muscle tension and relaxation. Calcium also contributes to the transmission of signals between the nerve cells. It also helps maintain normal bones. The contained vitamin D has a role in cell division and contributes to a normal calcium level in the blood. In addition, vitamin D supports normal muscle function. Altapharma Magnesium 400 Night combines the selected minerals and Vitamin D with an extract of lavender. The purple flowering and pleasantly scented lavender is cultivated mainly in the south of France. 

      • Magnesium for relaxed muscles at night
      • with calcium, potassium + Vit. D
      • with lavender extract