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3xPack Altapharma Hot Acerola Cherry Dietary Sugar & Sweeteners

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3xPack Altapharma Hot Acerola Cherry with Sugar & Sweetners

Hot acerola cherry 100 g

20x 5g to support the immune system, also enjoy cold, with the vitamin C content of 3-4 Lemons & Zinc supplements

- Dietary supplement with sweetener. With natural vitamin C from the acerola cherry -

altapharma Hot acerola cherry complements the daily diet with the valuable vital substances vitamin C and zinc. Vitamin C is a vital vitamin that supports the immune system, especially in the cold season. The vitamin C content per serving (stick) equals the amount of 3-4 lemons.

For the human body, zinc is a vital trace element that performs a number of functions, including protecting cells from oxidative stress and supporting the immune system.

Vitamin C and zinc help to maintain normal immune function. altapharma Hot acerola cherry is also suitable for refreshment as a cold drink.

  • without milk sugar
  • gluten free