2x Pack Mivolis Carotene Skin Protection Capsules - 120 Capsules

  • $14.99

2xPack Mivolis Carotene Skin Protection Capsules

60 Capsules per pack (120 Capsules supply)

  • Vitamin A (beta-carotene) for maintaining normal skin, such as the skin barrier
  • Vitamin E helps protect cells from oxidative stress
  • Copper contributes to normal skin pigmentation
  • for beautiful and healthy skin 

So-called "free radicals" are increasingly formed as a result of intensive solar radiation, which can throw the skin cells out of balance and result in premature aging of the skin cells. In addition to using sunscreen, such as sunscreen, certain vitamins can help prepare skin for the sun by supporting normal skin condition. Vitamin B2 supports the protective system of the cells against oxidative stress and contributes to the maintenance of normal skin. The added biotin also supports the maintenance of normal skin and normal hair. The vitamins pantothenic acid and vitamin B2 also contribute to normal energy metabolism. The contained beta-carotene is a vegetable carotenoid, that humans cannot produce themselves and therefore have to ingest through food. For humans, it functions, among other things, as a precursor to vitamin A, which is formed from it as needed. Because beta-carotene is fat-soluble, it can store well in the layers of the skin, for example.


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