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2x Packs TAXOFIT Magnesium 400+Potassium Food Supplement (90 Tablets)

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2x Pack TAXOFIT - Magnesium 400 + Potassium with Magnesium Depot Tablets

Food supplements containing minerals and vitamins

87.8 g - 45 tablets (90 Tablet Supply) for the muscle and energy performance & for the electrolyte balance, with magnesium depot 

food supplements
  • Taxofit® magnesium + potassium with magnesium depot contains, in addition to high-dose magnesium, the mineral potassium for the normal function of the muscles during sport and high physical stress.

    The special feature is the time-controlled release of magnesium as a magnesium depot, which ensures a continuous supply of the body with this important mineral.

    • Magnesium plays a significant role in the normal performance of the muscles, contributes to the reduction of fatigue and fatigue, supports nervous system, electrolyte balance and energy metabolism.
    • Potassium also supports the function of the muscle and nervous system.
    • The vitamins B6 and B12 play a significant role in energy production and energy metabolism and thus supplement the positive properties of magnesium.
    • Iron supports the formation of red blood cells and thereby contributes to oxygen transport in the body. This is important for normal muscle function.
    • Zinc is necessary for important body-specific metabolic processes. It supports, among other things, a normal acid-base and carbohydrate metabolism.

    taxofit® Magnesium + potassium with magnesium depot contains a special combination of high-dose magnesium as well as potassium and 4 other sensibly supplemented vital substances.

    • 400 mg magnesium support the electrolyte balance, the energy metabolism and are important for the muscle function.
    • Potassium is important for the function of the muscle and nervous system.