2xPacks Altapharma Fat reduction Active Capsules (Reduce 26% Body Fat)

2xPacks Altapharma Fat reduction Active Capsules (Reduce 26% Body Fat)

  • $24.50

2x Pack Altapharma Fat reduction Active Tablets

Binds 26% Body Fat

Fat reduction

28 pieces per pack (56 Tablets Supply)

Binds up to 26% of the food fats, for less hot hunger attacks, to weight reduction 
medicine product.

Altapharma Fat Reduction Active is a clinically proven product that can bind up to 26% of food fats. It contains the plant active ingredient Lipoxitral, a bio-quality fiber complex derived from the prickly cactus and whose active principle is clinically confirmed. It binds a part of the food fats, creating a stable gel. This is not absorbed by the body, but is excreted in a natural way. A patented technology ensures that lipoxitral and the fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E contained in the tablets are released successively in order to ensure effective fat binding and optimal vitamin resorption 

In addition, altapharma grease reduction actively supports the reduction 
of hot seasoning and contributes to weight reduction. 
Altapharma fat reduction Active contains no ingredients of animal 
origin, artificial dyes, aromas, salts or preservatives.


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