2xPack Mivolis Zink + C Depot Capsules - 120 pcs

  • $12.50

2xPack Mivolis Zink + C Depot Capsules

60 Pcs per pack (120 Pcs per order)

  • to support the immune system
  • contains 5 mg zinc and 300 mg vitamin C
  • 1x daily 

Mivolis Zink + C Depot supports the immune system. • Zinc is an important trace element and, as a component of numerous enzymes, contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress and the normal functioning of the immune system. • Vitamin C performs a variety of tasks in the body and cannot be produced by itself, but is mainly supplied through fruit and vegetables. It contributes to the normal function of the immune system, a healthy energy metabolism and to protecting cells from oxidative stress. However, the body is only able to store the water-soluble vitamin C over a long period of time to a very limited extent. Mivolis Zink + C Depot provides the body with long-lasting vitamin C, since 300mg of vitamin C per capsule is released in small amounts over a period of 8-10 hours and released into the body. A dietary supplement with zinc and vitamin C can be particularly useful: • in the cold season • with particular mental and physical stress, since vitamin C helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue • with an unbalanced diet.


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