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2x Pack ABTEI Milk Thistle Plus with Marisade Oil, Artichoke Extract,

Regular price $24.99

2x Packs Abtei Milk Thistle Plus Capsules with Artichoke Exract + Vitamin E

Food supplements with marisade oil, artichoke extract & vitamin E

22 g 30 capsules (60 Capsules)

With artichoke, artichoke promotes fat digestion & supports the metabolism of the liver, only once a day 

Abtei Milk Thistle Plus combines high-quality oil from the Mariendistel fruit with artichoke leaf extract to support the liver gall system and for a healthy digestive function.

Support of liver function:

  • 1 capsule daily supports the metabolism of the liver with marijuana oil
  • stimulates the formation of important bile fluids for the digestion
  • naturally effective