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2x100 Cafe Allegro No. 2 Premium Paper Coffee Filters *FREE SHIPPING*

Regular price $13.99

Cafe Allegro Premium Paper Coffee Filters No. 2 Cones

2x100 Count Packs (200 Filters)  **FREE SHIPPING**

Great Value - Compared to Melitta!!
Sturdy double seam, for the full coffee flavor. For perfect coffee enjoyment, these coffee filters are best combined with the aromatic coffees from Bellarom.

200 pieces (2x100 packs Premium Paper Filters)

1. Stable double-seam fold 2. Cafe Allegro Insert filter paper into filter body 3. Add a spoon of finely ground coffee for each cup.

Coffee filter with content compostable
We will ship either one of the brands, depending on availability of supplies.