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Lancaster Sun Beauty Silky Melting Milk SPF 15 - 175 or 400 ml

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Lancaster Sun Beauty Silky Melting Milk SPF 15

175 or 400 ml 

Protect your skin from the negative effects of sun exposure while providing it with sufficient moisture and nutrients. You should therefore use the Lancaster Sun Beauty sun protection milk with SPF 15. You will get a seductively tanned complexion and your skin will remain supple, elastic and free of pigment spots.


  • reliably protects against solar radiation
  • hydrates and nourishes the skin
  • reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pigment spots
  • delicate consistency for easy and even application
  • gives the skin a naturally golden tan
  • prolongs the tan
  • suitable for medium to darker skin types that tan quickly

Test results:
→ Tested by 52 people for 2 weeks

  • 100% said it was pleasant to use
  • 98% confirmed that the milk could not be seen on the skin
  • 98% felt that their skin was perfectly hydrated
  • 92% noted that their tan was even and uniform
  • 90% confirmed that their skin was optimally tanned

            MADE IN GERMANY

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