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2xPack Hildegard Braukmann Emosie Face Cleansing Cream - 200 ml

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2xPack Hildegard Braukmann Emosie Face Cleansing Cream

100 ml each (200 ml supply)  

Creamy foaming intensive cleaning, gentle and effective.

Excellent for oily skin and for removing make-up or heavy soiling (e.g. due to work). Facial wash cream is water-soluble, slightly foaming and gives a fresh, clean skin feeling. With natural betaine and panthenol for beautiful soft skin.

Tip: Popular preparation for wet shaving of sensitive skin areas.

The ideal all-round product for cleaning skin and hair on a short vacation.

Active ingredients:

Betaine. widespread in nature, it is also found in the human organism. It is obtained from the sugar beet. It is characterized by conditioning properties, moisturizing effects and by reducing transepidermal water loss. Panthenol.

(Provitamin B5) easily penetrates the skin and improves moisture retention, especially for dry, brittle and cracked skin. Panthenol works against redness and irritation of the skin, is anti-inflammatory and relieves itching.

Arginine. is a special amino acid. They are found in red algae and buckwheat as well as in human skin. Arginine supports the regeneration of the skin's moisture-binding system and has a soothing effect on the skin.
  • Effect: relaxing, cleansing
  • Skin type: All skin types
  • Special feature: Free from animal testing, paraben free, paraffin free