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Lenor (Swiss) Perfumed Deluxe 'CHARM' Fabric Softener 36 Loads, 900 ml

Regular price $16.50

Lenor (Germany( Perfumed Deluxe 'CHARM' Fabric Softener

36 Was Loads, 900 ml

Lenor Perfume Deluxe Fabric Softener Deluxe Charm 36 WL: Lenor Perfume Deluxe is the new product line from Lenor. The premium fabric softener with seductive and long-lasting scents has been specially designed to underline the personal appeal and sensuality of each one of us. The Charm variant delights the senses with a charming fragrance that combines refreshing notes of eucalyptus with a sophisticated bouquet of floral patchouli - for an invigorating, seductive and long-lasting aroma that reflects the mesmerizing first moments of a new love.

  • infinitely seductive. Lasts longer than perfume (on clothes)
  • seductive scents with sophisticated, unique flavors
  • long-lasting fragrances that do not diminish over time
  • With Lenor Perfume Deluxe you discover a whole new relationship with your clothes