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2xPack Tetesept Bronchosan Acute Cough Syrup - 234 g

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2xPack Tetesept Bronchosan Acute Cough Syrup

117 g each (234 g supply)
  • Effective airway clearance
  • Relieves irritation in all types of cold cough
  • Free from irritation and protects the mucous membranes
  • Acts naturally thanks to the Bronchosan 3-in-1 complex
  • Contains effective marshmallow, soothing honey and propolis
The tetesept Bronchosan® Cough Acute Juice has a soothing effect on all types of common cold and thus provides effective relief of the respiratory tract from cold-related complaints. The included original bronchosan 3-in-1 complex with marshmallow, honey and propolis works in three ways. It relieves irritation of the respiratory tract, protects and regenerates the affected mucous membranes in the throat and throat and acts naturally - thanks to the unique composition of the natural ingredients.