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2xPack SEBAMED Wound and Healing Ointment - 100 ml

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2xPack SEBAMED Wound and Healing Ointment

50 ml each (100 ml supply) 

Sensitive and problematic skin needs special care. Not only that it does not tolerate soap, but its own natural protection against harmful environmental influences, pathogens and dehydration must be supported. The medical skin care products from sebamed with a pH of 5.5 are ideal for this. They promote the skin's own protective skin coat, making the skin more resistant to the stresses to which it is constantly exposed. The skin tolerance and care effect of the sebamed products has been dermatologically and clinically tested. So the skin stays healthy.

- Forms a breathable protective film
- Promotes healing
- Reduces pain
- Even with minor burns

The 3-component active system promotes a protected and accelerated healing process of the wound: Dextran * forms a protective film on the injured skin area, under which the natural healing process can run optimally without irritation and delays. Panthenol creates conditions that promote healing. The pH value 5.5 supports the natural skin protection coat.

* highly compatible patented natural product from medicine.