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2xPack Kneipp Valerian Night 700mg Tablets, 60 Pieces

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2xPack Kneipp Valerian Night 700mg Tablets, 60 Pieces 

30 Tablets per pack (60 Tablet supply)

Gluten Free

Kneipp® Valerian Night is traditionally used to support sleep and to improve the condition of nervous stress. Excitement, stress in everyday life, tensions and even brooding often make it difficult to find enough sleep. To be able to master the everyday life fresh and balanced, a restful, healthy sleep is important. Valerian has been used in traditional European medicine (TEM) for centuries and is still recognized in pharmaceutical science today: Kneipp® Valerian Night contains the dried valerian root in powdered form with all its natural ingredients. 1 coated tablet contains 700 mg valerian root powder.