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2xPack BIOTHERM Eau d'Énergie Deodorant Roll-On - 150 ml +FREE Vaseline Original 100 ml

Regular price $49.50

2xPack BIOTHERM Eau d'Énergie Deodorant Roll-On - 150 ml      +FREE Vaseline Original 100 ml

The Biotherm Eau d'Energie Deodorant Roll on 75 ml is a sweat-inhibiting and moisturizing deodorant scooter that contains vitamin E and provides 48 hours of effective protection. In addition, the anti-perspirant is also suitable for sensitive skin types and is also applicable after hair removal. 

- moisturises 
- anti-perspirant - suitable for all skin types 
- deodorant scooter, anti-perspirant 
- provides protection for 48 hours 

Apply the protective deodorant roller to clean armpits. 



Vaseline Original 100 ml

  • Vaseline Original is suitable for dry, itchy and sensitive skin
  • Vaseline Original helps dry and damaged skin to regenerate
  • Vaseline Original offers protection against dry, cracked skin
  • Made from 100% pure petroleum jelly
  • our triple purification formula guarantees purity
  • Skin tolerance dermaltologically tested