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2xPack Hildegard Bruakmann Man Body Care Deodorant Sticks - 150 ml

Regular price $29.50

2xPack Hildegard Bruakmann Man Body Care Deodorant Sticks

75 ml each (150 ml supply) 

A sporty, fresh scent and reliable protection without any aluminum - the deodorant stick by Hildegard Braukmann is a classic in body care for men. The plant-based deodorant convinces with valuable ingredients and leaves a Mediterranean scent feeling. The practical shape of the deodorant stick makes it particularly easy to apply after a shower or during the day. As a herbal cosmetic, Hildegard Braukmann's deodorant is also ideal for body care for men with sensitive skin.

Safe deodorant without aluminum

Hildegard Braukmann is one of the leading brands of modern herbal cosmetics for men and women. Like all products, the deodorant stick was manufactured according to high quality standards in terms of tolerance and effectiveness . In order to prevent the skin pores from clogging, the brand does without the aluminum salts normally found in deodorants. A special formula made from herbal active ingredients reliably protects against sweat and odor formation. The result is a feeling of freshness that lasts all day.