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2xPack Hildegard Braukmann Body Care Deodorant Roll-on - 150 ml

Regular price $32.50

2xPack Hildegard Braukmann Body Care Deodorant Roll-on 

75 ml each (150 ml supply)

Care products for men must be tailored to the special needs of men's skin. Whether shaving, cleaning, skin care or deodorant - in the men's series by Hildegard Braukmann, care-conscious men will find everything they need. The Braukmann products are characterized by valuable care substances and fresh, sporty scents . They are effective and easy and convenient to use. In this way, demanding men's skin receives comprehensive care without much effort.

Men's body care from Hildegard Braukmann: invigorating deodorant roll-on

An effective deodorant is an indispensable part of men's body care. It combats the odor of sweat and makes the skin feel fresh after showering or washing. Deodorant rollers are particularly popular with active men. The compact deodorant roll-on does not require any propellants, does not leak easily and is easy to dose - ideal for at home, travel or sports luggage . The deodorant roll-on from the Braukmann series for men has been specially developed for the care of men's skin. The deodorant is aluminum-free and suitable for all skin types. Cotton seed extracts give the deodorant a light consistency and prevent skin irritation. Fresh water mint and tangy, tangy sage result in a sporty, refreshing combination of scents and care for the skin. The Braukmann deodorant does not leave any white stains on clothing.