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CarthusiaIce Hydrating Geranium Shower Gel with Lemon, Pink And White Musk - 200 ml

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CarthusiaIce Hydrating Geranium Shower Gel with Lemon, Pink And White Musk

200 ml  

The Carthusia watermelons give the pleasure of a soft and fragrant skin, while respecting the natural hydrolypidic mantle.

A liquid, fluid and homogeneous mixture capable not only of cleansing, but also of curing the skin by giving it naturalness and freshness.

A cleanser, with high content of natural extracts, ideal for regenerating and relaxing the skin, creating a thousand bubbles.


Fragrance Geranium:

In Capri the wild geranium is a flower of companionship. You can see it on the cliffs that accompany the island walks, you can see it blooming wild in the historical places of goats up to the balconies of the houses where in time it has been domesticated. Its undisturbed presence on the island has impressed the imagination of Carhusia, who has always collected the stimuli of caprese nature to enrich its choice of fragrances with new atmospheres.

In Water of Geranium the essence of Geranium softly radiates its relaxing property by taking over the Lemon and Mentuccia that precede the heart of fragrance like the fresh and clean morning light the beautiful sunny days. The elegant balance of the agreements Cedar Wood and White Muscle in the background notes continues to cradle the senses in the harmonious atmosphere while maintaining high intensity and quality of well-being. Geranium water contains red, pink, fuchsia, violets and all the radiant nuances of a vibrant plant that never loses its smile in Capri.

olfactory family: flowering

olfactory pyramids

Head notes: lemon, mint, lemonella

Heart notes: Geranium, pink, jasmine

Background notes: patchouly, cedar wood, white moss