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2x Pack Tetesept Veins Balm

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2x Pack Tetesept Veins Balm

100 ml each (200 ml supply)

Tetesept Veins Balsam vitalises and cools tired and heavy legs noticeably and persistently.

The balm does not grease, absorbs quickly and cares deeply. He is suitable for gentle massage of the legs.

Long standing or sitting, being overweight, hereditary preloading or being pregnant can interfere with healthy venous function. The blood can accumulate in the legs and lead to swelling. The legs feel heavy and tired.

Tetesept veins balm revives tired, heavy legs lasting. The balm with natural extracts of red vine leaves, goldenrod, and horse chestnut stimulates the circulation and nourishes the veins from the outside. Menthol undoes the legs with its pleasant cooling effect. A gentle massage from the feet upwards supports the effect. Patented natural proteins (microbionics) provide a deep effect of the nourishing agents. The legs are noticeably refreshed and relieved. They also feel pleasantly well-groomed.