Sans Soucis Gentle Cleansing Milk - 400 ml

Sans Soucis Gentle Cleansing Milk - 400 ml

  • $27.50

Sans Soucis Gentle Cleansing Milk 

400 ml
This San Soucis Delicate Cleansing Milk convinces from the first application with a light texture that flatters the sensitive skin during cleaning. The cleansing milk ensures in no time at all a pore-deep clean skin, with which ladies feel well all around. The innovative RefreshCare Complex, used exclusively by Sans Soucis for the gentle cleansing products of the Cleansing line , gives the skin a fresh, youthful glow. The high-quality care product for the cleansing of sensitive skin on the face, neck and décolleté is suitable for all normal and dry skin types. As soon as you open the handy pump dispenser, the senses are infatuated with a unique fresh scent.

Cleansing Delicate Cleansing Milk - modern care for demanding skin
Mild washing-active substances clean the face in the morning and in the evening so gently that even the complexion of extremely sensitive skin appears even. Irritations are a thing of the past with this cleaning product from Sans Soucis . Modern, uncomplicated cleaning starts with the fine Cleansing Delicate Cleansing Milk. All the care products in this exclusive series are perfectly matched so that the milk is ideal for daily care even after exfoliation or tonic. After applying and massaging, the milk is simply rinsed off again.

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