Lenor (Swiss) Laundry Perfume 'APRIL FRESH'-  210 g

Lenor (Swiss) Laundry Perfume 'APRIL FRESH'- 210 g

  • $19.50

Lenor (Swiss) Laundry Perfume 'APRIL FRESH' 

210 g

Lenor's most popular fragrances, now as a laundry perfume - for the irresistible freshness kick, from which you never get enough

  • Ideal for sportswear and wool, as unlike fabric softener it contains no softening care ingredients
  • Depending on the desired scent experience little or much dosing
  • Add detergent as usual

Discover the Lenor laundry perfume, the latest addition to the wellbeing range from Lenor. Now, the freshness of your Lenor favorite fragrances lasts even longer. Enjoy the fragrance Aprilfrischvon Lenor - laundry for laundry. Let yourself be enveloped by a scent of spring flowers combined with the note of natural patchouli and white cedar wood. Look forward to a refreshing experience that will give you an invigorating feeling. Use the complete laundry line together. The laundry detergent, softener and laundry perfume from Lenor complement each other for a perfect washing experience. Lenor Laundry Perfume April Fresh is the perfect complement to Lenor Detergents April Fresh and Lenor Fabric Softeners April Fresh. Wonderful alone, together a heavenly well-being. 


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