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NIVEA Cellular Filler Tinted Fluid 40 ml for Perfect Skin

Regular price $24.99

NIVEA Cellular Filler Tinted Fluid for Perfect Skin

40 ml

Perfected, radiant complexion, improves cell renewal, with collagen booster, skin tone adjusting micropigments & lumicinol, SPF 15

The formula contains a skin-friendly combination of skin tone-adjusting micropigments and the cell-activating * active substance lumicinol. It perfects and conceals pigmentation while activating skin cells. 

* Evidence in vitro. 

Tolerability is dermatologically confirmed. 

The result: 

  • Wrinkles are softened
  • Skin irregularities and pigmented spots are concealed - from the first application
  • Skin tone-adjusting micropigments give a natural hiding power
  • SPF 15 UVA and UVB filters protect against light-induced skin aging and prevent cell damage and age spots