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NIVEA Q10 plus Anti-wrinkle Smoothing Care Beads with Hyaluronic Acid

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NIVEA Q10 Plus Anti-wrinkle Smoothing Care Beads

40 ml

effective anti-wrinkle effect, refined skin appearance, with Q10 & hyaluronic acid


Do you want effective anti-wrinkle effect for younger-looking skin? 

The NIVEA Q10 plus ANTI-FOLD smoothing care beads are made up of a highly effective formula containing Q10, creatine and hyaluronic acid.

The formula:

  • Softens wrinkles visibly and helps to slow down the appearance of new wrinkles.
  • Smoothes the skin surface and leaves a pleasantly soft skin feeling.
  • Gives a refined skin appearance.
  • Immediately moisturizes the skin.

For a smoother, younger-looking skin and a refined complexion.

  • FRESH ACTIVATED: By operating the dispenser, the beads break up into a healing serum.
  • CARE PEARLS: The pearls contain the highest concentration of the active ingredient Q10 *.

Unique texture:

Freshly broken care Beads blend transparently with your skin for a silky-smooth skin feel.

* within the NIVEA-Q10 plus ANTI-FOLD series.