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NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Padding Day & Night Serum Beads

Regular price $26.99

NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Padding Day & Night Serum Beads

30 ml

+ Volume, improves cell renewal, with Hyaluron & Collagen Booster, also suitable for sensitive skin


The light formula contains a skin-friendly combination of the cell-activating * active ingredients hyaluronic acid and collagen booster. * Detection in vitro. 

Tolerability is dermatologically confirmed. Suitable for sensitive skin. 

When the dispenser is activated, the nourishing beads and moisturizing gel merge into a silky serum. The formula provides an extra dose of hyaluronic acid. 

The result: 

  • immediately cushions the skin with moisture
  • Wrinkles are softened and the skin is firmer
  • the skin volume is improved and contours refined
  • gives a padded feel on the skin