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Hildegard Braukmann Emosie Vitamin Tonic Facial Toner - 200 ml

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Hildegard Braukmann Emosie Vitamin Tonic Facial Toner

200 ml 

Mild and moisturizing tonic.

Vitamin facial tonic is pH neutral and contains no alcohol. The skin is gently cleared and residues of the cleaning product are removed. White tea, aloe vera, vitamin C and panthenol strengthen the skin's own protection, have an anti-irritant effect, invigorate and refine the complexion.

Active ingredients:

White tea. (Camellia sinensis) is cultivated in the high mountain regions of Fujian in China. Only very young leaves, still covered with short white hair, are carefully selected and picked, steamed and dried. This particularly gentle process means that the content of active substances such as polyphenols and caffeine is particularly high. These protect the skin from free radicals, are regenerating and vitalizing. White tea gives the skin a fresh, lively radiance.

Aloe vera. The clear, gently extracted extract from the fleshy leaves of the aloe vera plant is rich in vitamins, amino acids, polysaccharides, mineral salts, proteins and enzymes. The extract is hydroactive, acts against skin irritation and ensures a fresh complexion.

Panthenol. (Provitamin B5) easily penetrates the skin and improves moisture retention, especially for dry, brittle and cracked skin. Panthenol works against redness and irritation of the skin, is anti-inflammatory and relieves itching.

Vitamin C. is probably the best known vitamin and performs very important tasks in the body. It is indispensable for strengthening the immune system and stimulating the immune system, the hormone and nervous system, regulating fat metabolism and stimulating the detoxification system. Due to the antioxidant effect, the strengthening of collagen synthesis and the protection against skin damage caused by free radicals, vitamin C prevents skin aging, reduces wrinkling and smoothes the skin.

Allantoin. promotes cell regeneration in damaged skin and accelerates scarring in wound treatment. It is obtained from wheat germ, salsify, horse chestnuts etc.
  • Effect: building, refreshing, cleansing
  • Skin type: sensitive skin
  • Special feature: Free from animal testing, paraffin free, paraben free