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GARNIER Nutrisse Cream Permanent Hair Care - (14 Varities). 5.35: Golden Deer Brown

Regular price $8.99

Garnier Nutrisse Cream Permanent Care Hair Color  

Choose from 14 Different Varities in our Store.

  •   9.03 - Light Natural Blond,

      53 - Velvet Brown,

      30 - Espresso Dark Brown,

      3.23 - Diamond Dark Brown,

      5.35 - Golden Deer Brown, 

      80 - Vanila Blond

      40 Chocolate Medium Brown

      50 Mocca Light Brown

      36 Dark Cherry

      7N  Nude Natural Mid Blond

      8N Nude Natural Blond

      43 Cappuccino Gold Brown

      45  Chocolate

      64 Bright Amber


Deeply effective, the hair not only absorbs the color better, it is anchored longer in the hair. As a result, the color shines in full shine for a long time.


Enriched with 3 oils, the formula nourishes the hair in the depth and maintains it already during the dyeing. With the new, more comprehensive grooming formula and 50% more amount, your hair will be silky and shiny - up to 8 weeks!


Experience a deep and very long lasting color until your next coloration. Nutrisse covers 100% even stubborn gray hair.

The rich, non-dripping cream texture of Nutrisse is very easy to massage into the hair. Let yourself be pampered by the fresh and fruity fragrance.

* Vs. Previous nursing formula

GARNIER PARIS, Karlsruhe, Vienna