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2x Packs Mivolis Magnesium Dragees 400, 60 per pack

Regular price $14.99

2x Packs DAS Gesunde PLUS Magnesium Dragees 400

60 pices per pack (120 piece supply)

Magnesium Dragees 400 support the energy metabolism and the muscle function in everyday life and in sports. Magnesium is a vital mineral that must be absorbed by the body. It is found among others in bones, teeth or muscles and has numerous functions in the human body. Magnesium contributes to electrolyte balance as well as normal muscle function and additionally supports the function of the normal nervous system. A balanced supply of magnesium also contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth. It also supports the normal function of energy metabolism and helps reduce fatigue and fatigue. An adequate supply is with certain eating habits,

 Lactose Free

Gluten free