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ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND BODY Lind Roll-on Deodrant Balm 50 ml

Regular price $17.50

ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND BODY Lind Roll-on Deodrant Balm 50 ml

50 ml

The Annemarie Börlind Body Lotion Roll-on Deo Balm is a particularly mild deodorant roller that cares for the sensitive armpit and reliably prevents body odor. It provides long-lasting protection and is also applicable after depilation. Plant-derived zinc salt from ricinoleic acid as an odor-binding agent deodorises and reduces unpleasant body odor. This active ingredient is used in natural cosmetic deodorants. Sweet almond oil and aloe vera have a skin-care effect, moisturize and moisturize, so that dry skin is well looked after. The Roll-on Deo Balm is free of aluminum salts and suitable for all skin types. The mild deodorant roller cares, protects and gives security for many hours. 

- mild deodorant scooter 
- caring and protective 
- free of aluminum salts 
- suitable for all skin types 

Apply evenly in the morning and, if necessary, under the arms and allow to dry before dressing. 

MADE IN (The Black Forest) GERMANY