2xPack ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND BODY Lind Body Cream - 300 ml

  • $38.50


150 ml each (300 ml supply)

The Annemarie Börlind Body Lind Body Cream 15 is a rich yet delicate body cream. It protects the skin from everyday environmental influences and moisturizes aloe vera and organically grown fig extract of the skin while reducing the skin's own water loss. By adding vitamin E, the skin is protected from free radicals by UV radiation and thus prevents premature aging of the skin due to environmental factors. Argan oil and shea butter nourish and give the skin a noticeable and velvety smoothness. The skin gets more firmness and elasticity, it is firmer with regular use. Camelie's precious cameral oil formulation strengthens the skin's barrier and protects the skin from moisture loss. The Body Lind body cream, with 24h moisturizing effect, is vegan and especially suitable for dry to very dry skin.

- delicate body cream 
- firming and invigorating 
- provides plenty of moisture 
- noticeable, velvety smoothness 

Apply daily after bathing or showering on the body skin and gently massage. 

MADE IN (The Black Forest) GERMANY

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