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2x Packs Syoss Professional Performance Intense Oil Hair Coloration - Chocolate Brown 4-86

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Syoss Professional Performance Intense Oil Hair Coloration     

24 Color Variations available in our Store

2x Pack Chocolate Brown 4-86, 115 ml

Syoss Oleo Intense Coloration Chocolate Brown 4-86 offers an intense, long-lasting color result and professional gray coverage. Ultra-concentrated micro-color particles penetrate 10 layers of hair for maximum color intensity and anti-fading protection. 

- Maximum and long-lasting color intensity 
- With anti-fading color serum 
- Ultra-concentrated 
microfibre particles - Professional gray coverage

Without ammoniac

This product contains no ammonia. Also in the production was dispensed with ammonia.

On oil basis

This product is made on an oil basis.

product features

Coloration Level:
Color shades Colorations:
Red & Violet nuances
Product features:
Oil-based, without alcohol, without ammonia