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2x Packs DAS Gesunde PLUS Fat Blocker, Tablets, 56 Count

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2x Packs DAS Gesunde PLUS Fat Blocker, Tablets, 56 Count

28 pices per pack (56 piece supply)

The healthy PLUS fat blocker contains the active ingredient lipoxitral, a clinically proven and patented fiber complex and the essential fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E. A patented capsule technology is used to selectively release Lipoxitral and the fat-soluble vitamins one after the other. Clinical trials have shown that THE healthy PLUS fat blocker binds over 26% of dietary fats in the body *. It forms a stable gel, which is not absorbed, but leaves the body in a natural way. In conjunction with physical activity and a balanced and calorie-reduced diet adapted to the needs, this can contribute to a reduction in weight. 

* Grube et al., 2009 

- Binds dietary fats
- Reduces cravings 
- From pure plant active ingredient 
- For weight loss 
- Contains no additives such as artificial colors, flavors, salt and preservatives,

 Lactose Free

Gluten Free